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W. Jon McClure
2 min readMar 28, 2016

Before we get into this, let me ask you a couple questions:

  • Do you struggle with getting your name out there?
  • Do you wish you had more clients?
  • Have every found yourself unorganized and needing help?
  • Are photographer?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then this site for you!

Your Benefits

There are several benefits that any visitor could get out of this site. As time progresses, this will become another valuable resource to all aspiring photographers with our articles and products. which we will be continuously adding.

If you’re an aspiring photographer, you shound definitely submit something today. If selected, you will be featured on this website, which includes some of your best photographs, a brief bio, and a direct link to your website (great for SEO).

We, also have a newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things FEATUREDphotog. Simply sign-up using the form in the sidebar. After you confirm your email you will get our FREE pdf “Recognized”. This ebook share the advice from 15 top protogs (ex. Jasmine Star, Carolyn Logan, and many more) advice about getting featured.

Our Goals

We have one goal and that’s to help, encourage, and inspire the aspiring photog to continue their pursuit of a long-term career in the industry of photography.

Our main focus will be on featuring the right photogs for our site and interviewing the best protogs for our podcast. In addition, we plan to increase the products in our shop so we can help as many photogs as possible, in as many different areas of the art and business as possible.


Not everyone can be featured on this site, we only feature aspiring photographers. Basically, if you’re already a professional, your work will not be featured on this site. It really is only open for aspiring photographers, but there is still away you can be involved.

Let us know if you have any questions about the submission process.


That’s right! We have a podcast too and it will be launching soon! Stay tuned.

Now What?

We recommend you explore the site a little more, then subscribe and submit something today. After that, please share us on your social accounts, we’d be very grateful.

If you ever have any questions, shoot over a message to us!



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