How photographers can get on the first page of Google

Every town has hundreds of photographers, but there are only 10 slots on the first page of Google.

Most photographers would set a pack of rabid weasels on their grandmother to get one of those coveted places!

Sadly, I no longer have a grandmother (no, it wasn’t the rabid weasels!), but I am well ranked for phrases like ‘Peterborough wedding photographers’ ‘Peterborough baby photographers’ and ‘Family Portraits Peterborough’ etc.

It gets me one enquiry every 1.6 working days.

This is purely from being on the first page of Google.

That’s not counting Facebook enquiries, referrals or enquiries from my business alliances.

Just Google.

It translates to tens of thousands of pounds a year and builds my brand and credibility.

So how did I get my photography site on the first page of Google?

The first thing to ask yourself is what does Google take into account?

What would YOU take into account if you were Google?

Google are smart. Have you SEEN their offices! You can’t trick them. You can’t cheat. They will always catch you and punish you mercilessly by sending you to page 27 with Uncle Bob’s photography website that he set up in 1983 and forgot to take down.

You have to play by their rules.

But what are their rules?

When you think about it they’re obvious. Well, they make perfect sense anyway.

Here’s what Google takes into account when ranking your photography website (these are in no particular order):

  1. The age of your website
  2. The number of pages on your website
  3. Number of links to your website
  4. How often your website is updated
  5. The quality of the content on your website
  6. The number of ‘keywords’ on your website
  7. How long people spend on your website
  8. How many people go to your website
  9. inks from social media

They make sense don’t they? These are the things I would consider if I was Google.

Next week I’m doing a webinar where I go through each of these 9 steps, plus a lot more.

I’ll show you exactly how my website rose through the Google ranks and now sits at the top with very minimal effort.

That’s the great thing about the techniques I’ll be teaching — they last now and forever. And once they’re in place you barely have to do anything to keep reaping the rewards.

I’ll show you exactly what to do and how.

You can’t just pop a few photographs and a contact page on your website and expect many visitors or many enquiries.

You need a proven plan.

And I’ll show you mine.

Sign up for one month of free membership here and you’ll be able to access the webinar recording as well as all our other photography marketing, sales and pricing videos, downloads and spreadsheets.

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