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10 Proven Ways To Grow Your Brain With Neuroplasticity

W. Jon McClure


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As science advances, we put aside old ideas and learn that we are much more than previously thought.

At one point in time, it was believed that the brain stopped growing at a young age. This is not only untrue, but we have found that the brain can be re-wired to work in new ways.

People who suffer from brain injuries, depression, or what appears to be a brain that is on the decline now know that they can change how their brain operates.

This article will discuss ten ways to grow your brain with neuroplasticity hacks and get the most out of life.

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1. Studies have shown that many people who pick up a book do not get beyond the first chapter.

To grow your brain and create new links from neuron to neuron, you must not only complete your book but also try new types.

Reading fiction helps to stimulate your brain. Not only should you read more fiction, but you should also switch up genres.

Instead of always reading detective novels, add in science fiction and Westerns.

Science fiction will make your brain work to see new worlds, while Westerns will have you considering what it was like to survive in hostile environments while providing food and shelter for the family.

2. We have been creating artwork for 60,000 plus years.

Starting with cave paintings and working our way up to visual displays.

Try your hand at doing a creative piece of artwork that makes your brain work to exercise that creative muscle. It can be anything from painting to carving wood.

3. To create new connections in the brain

Learn to play an instrument or if you do so already, research and start learning something different like the harp.



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