FEATUREDPHOTOG’S 2015 Highlights

2015highlights - FEATUREDphotog - for aspiring photographers


How crazy is it that this year is just about over. It’s just amazing how fast this time went by.

Let me start this post by saying how thankful we are that you’re here. This community is so fun and encouraging. It’s really neat being able to help people.

I just love it.

In fact, we just gave a all of our tools FREE to our community. We just want to bless and help others grow in their photography journey. If you aren’t subscribed and want to, fill out the form in the sidebar or click here.

Let’s get into it

As we look back and reflect on 2015 we see a bunch of victories and shortcomings. The key is to not the nothing is truly a failure unless you fail to learn from those areas of improvement.

And the only way you know if your improving, growing, slipping, ect. is to set a benchmark to compare the future too. Benchmark is basically setting goals. You have to set goals.

So, how was your year?

Did you set goals? reach them?

What worked? Or, what will you do differently?

If you need help setting goals, check out this article aimed to help you set the right goals. If you set goals, it’s time for you to evaluate them.

a few quick personal milestones

Before we really get into it, let’s get transparent. I want you to know who is behind the curtain. Tiff and I (Jon) are very real and we have had a great time running this site.

Even though life is crazy and time flies by so fast, we want to always be there for you the best we can, email us anytime.

This year was pretty exciting for us. A few big things that happened to us were:

  • 1 year wedding anniversary
  • Birth of our first child (gender reveal and recent update)
  • Tiff booked first out of state wedding — woohoo
  • Bought a cute little starter house (signed on the last day of the year)

May not seem like much but to us it was a surreal dream. We thank God for all the blessing that have come our way.

goals and results

Yeah, we had a few. :) Every small business venture and even ever person needs to have goals. If you don’t have goals how to you really know you progressed or how to find areas to improve on?

  • Feature 20 photographersWe featured 12. Which is completely short but we had a fun reviewing everyones submissions. If you’re reading this, you should prob submit something.
  • Help others — Yes, a little vague but well intentioned. :)
  • Get 1000 subscribes — At time of post, 381 subscribers. Missed the mark on this one but its 381 more than 0! Plus, it means we aren’t alone and we are extremely grateful for those who are hear with us. If you’re not already, you can subscribe here and get a few free gifts too!
  • Launch a podcast — Check! We did this one (see here) but we definitely need to be more consistent. In total, we did 37 episodes in 2015.
  • Create a community — There are signs of life and potential but we aren’t there yet. I have a few ideas but would love to hear your thoughts. Contact us.
  • Earn $1000 — It be a compete dream to quite my corporate job and really focus on FEATUREDphotog but we certainly cannot do that yet.
  • Fp made $303 in 2015 plus we also gave away $283 worth of free products
  • totaled 173 items sold (paid and free)
  • Top sellers are:
  • Simplified Accounting Spreadsheet
  • Clients+ Tracker
  • Customizable Complete Photographer’s Workflow


of course we had those too. :( Every business and hobby does as I’m your can attest too. We had all the basic cost that small business have. There was website domains, website hosting, website maintenance which ended up being around $180.

Then there’s normal admin costs (let’s be real, everyone just makes up those numbers), but the real cost was spending 100’s of hours on creating graphics, writing article, creating products, emails, marketing, podcasts, ect. I think myself alone logged almost 200 hours to this FEATUREDphotog project.

And it’s worth it. We have made some pretty good relationships from it.


Our biggest challenge is remaining consistence at daily actions. It be great to post daily on all our social networks but that is tough with just so little time.

In addition, we did not spend enough time writing articles, guest posts (like this one), and marketing them all too. If we could do more, I’m not sure more people could find us and join this community.

As for products, we plan to update a few, bundle some, and get rid of a few. ;) We would also like create more products and tools four you. Wether its, presets or how-to guides, or other tools, we need to hear from you. So, please tell us!

With the podcast, I feel we have a fun idea (and regardless, we love chatting with protogs) and we had positive feed from it. The current consensus is again, consistency.

goals for 2016

Below is the list of goals that we would really like to accomplish in 2016. Please help keep us accountable! and let us know if you feel we should add to this list.

  • Feature 26 aspiring photographers — This is our core mission!
  • Get 1000 subscribers — Please get involved, share our content, and let’s make this great!
  • 26 awesome podcasts — tell who we should interview and what we should talk about!
  • Grow this community — we plan to launch a a facebook
  • Earn $1200 — Seems quite feasible and the would be about $100 a month. This money would go to the obvious hard costs we have with this site, hopefully additional marketing, and to be honest if this site makes extra we would apply towards student loan debt.
  • And, of course, alway be available to help others — that is the purpose of this site. :)

wrapping up

2015 has come and gone, it was so neat to have launch this site and see it grow. Thanks for being open to learn more about us and this site. We really are passionate about helping aspiring photographers.

In 2016, we will be doing a bunch more articles about starting, growing, and entering in your local market (cause that’s where you are and that’s were the money is).

To your success,

-Tiff & Jon

P.S. Drop us a line anytime for any reason. We love talking with you!



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