12 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

Hustle is the only way to breakthrough and level up your life. But hustle and bustle will bog you down and lead you to a point of frustration.

Break free from the bustle and breakthrough with a season of simple. Simplify your life.

This year has been absolutely crazy.


The Advantages And Disadvantages

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” — Zig Ziglar

Gratitude unleashes life’s fullness. Living a life full of gratitude can always make you happy and at peace…

As a kid, journaling was silly to me; as an adult, immensely powerful!

I’ve really been noticing the benefits of journaling lately and been reading about the benefits from others (like Ben Hardy & Michael Motta) too.

I haven’t been at it too long but I certainly remember in grade school I when would think journaling was “not a boy thing”.

Now, I…

10 Proven Ways To Grow Your Brain With Neuroplasticity

As science advances, we put aside old ideas and learn that we are much more than previously thought.

At one point in time, it was believed that the brain stopped growing at a young age. …

8 Essential Meditation Tips for a Thriving Life

Just like cooking (prepping, cooking, and eating), meditation needs a bit of prep time, and then the actual reflection, followed by the assessment of what you have done.

Once you follow these essential steps, you will reap the rewards of meditation.

7 Superfoods to Increase Neuroplasticity

One of the keys to increasing neuroplasticity is feeding your brain not only the proper foods but including superfoods as well.

In terms of appropriate foods, we mean fruits and vegetables, preferably processed foods, and the food you find at the local fast-food restaurant.

To take it to the next…

Learn How To and Benefit From Becoming a Speed Reader

Kim Peek was a savant, and you may have seen the movie about his life, entitled “Rain Man.” He was one of a kind when it came to speed reading and memory.

According to the story, Kim used his left eye to read the left page of a book, while…

Do These. Crucial For Your Success!

Developing great productivity habits is essential for your success.

It has become too easy to procrastinate in today’s world, lose focus on the task at hand, and develop a negative attitude.

Being productive will help you in your self-development and mindset.

Here are ten essential productivity habits you can start…

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