4 Absolute Needs When Starting a Photography Business (Things I Wish I knew Sooner)

4 absolutes when starting a photography business - featuredphotog

So, you want to start a photography business?

I remember when that thought first popped into my head. Isn’t exciting?! You have a passion for photography and take pictures of everything and ALL your friends.

You see beauty from a different perspective and want to preserve it. Been there. You take pictures with your cell phone but won’t post them on facebook or send to friends without editing them first. Still there.

Take the plunge!

Starting anything new can be very scary, especially if you set big goals for yourself. But what I’ve come to realize recently is that you only need a few key parts to get started a the best foot forward.

I wish I knew these simple key parts when starting out. So, let’s get to it!. Let’s learn what the 4 key parts that are essential to starting a photography business.

The sooner you get these set and in place the better you will be protected and better serve your clients.

4 Absolute Needs When Starting a Photography Business

Email Scripts

You’ve probably, or will quickly, realize that emails will be a large part of your business. Whether a just random questions, general inquires, or actually clients, email will be necessary.

Apart from phone calls and texts, emails are nice because a lot questions will be that same. This means you can create a canned responses for each of your frequent requests. This can save you literally a ton of time!

Action Step: Start keeping track of your frequent emails. Draft your responses and save them in a separate folder. Add more draft responses as needed. When you use them, try to add a personal touch to it to add a little life to the email.


As business increases (in addition to all your side projects you can’t stop starting) it will be increasingly more important to stay organized. A workflow tool is used to organize each step of your process, from your consultations to shoot, editing to delivery, and all little steps along the way.

When I created my first workflow tool, I found it frustrating because everything keep changing. That’s because I had not “mastered” my process flow.

Action Step: Create your own workflow chart or pick up a our Workflow Tool that’s completely customizable. Either way, a workflow with your specific needs will be essential to your success.


Contracts are essential but can be scary so when you think about them or talk about them with clients, call them agreements.

These agreements simply tell you and the client what each others responsibilities are and what to expect. Like how much the session costs and when they’ll get there pictures back. Stuff like that.

Action Step: Research the contracts you’ll need for all the different categories of shoots you offer. Remember to think about additional stuff like if a guest breaks a piece of equipment or maybe a person with too much to drink is bothering you to an uncomfortable level (aka harassment). Disclaimer: we are photographers, not attorneys or lawyer so be sure to have one read over your contracts so you are protected.


With a website you look more professional and it sends the message that your serious about photography. This is also where your portfolio will be and blog about various sessions and other interesting topics.

A big part of this (and its kinda tricky) is to be uniquely you and completely professional. It’s tough but its possible and with time you’ll get there. :)

Don’t forget that there is a lot that goes into a website. Theres a domain (the URL), hosting (where the website code is actually stored), and framework (the code that makes it pretty, like wordpress for example).

Action Step: I don’t want to really overwhelm at this point but I do want you to do a little research. Ask around about what others use. Maybe challenge yourself to a famous photographer what they recommend.

These will help!

As I mentioned earlier, I really wish I knew these 4 key parts to starting a photography business rather than having to learn the hard and often longer way.

Sometimes I think, I wish I knew everything sooner but then in reality, ever challenge presents a learning opportunity and I am thankful for that!

I hope you found some value in this article, please share (or pin! we finally updated our Pinterest. I forgot how fun it is.)




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W. Jon McClure

W. Jon McClure

Family, Faith, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and AffiliateMarketing. If you’re not already, be sure to sign up https://wjmcclure.medium.com/membership

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